We’re focused on the future and helping our clients grow, evolve, and future-proof their business.

Illuminating a Path Forward

We know the best ideas come from combining the right process and the right people at the right time.

Our team of recognized innovation experts use a proven, reliable approach to generate groundbreaking new ideas that propel our clients and their industries forward.

It’s called LUMINARY, a process born from 15 years of experience combining a unique examination of past, present, and future to illuminate the path forward.

We do this by tapping into specialized sub-groups of experts, thought-leaders, and Creatively Fluid Thinkers (CFTs) – each bringing unique talents into a structured and proven innovation journey.

Illuminating a Path Forward

The LUMINARY Process

Our Innovation Architects design unique journeys which guide clients through an engaging, high-touch growth experience.

Our approach: 

  • Detects, defines, and immerses clients in active and latent customer needs, establishes guide rails for success, and introduces the proper spark for creative solution-building.

  • Provides the structure and focus required for success, while remaining flexible enough to meet any level of need and accommodate existing processes.

  • Fuels the success and propel our clients’ business forward in the CPG, QSR, retail, durable goods, automotive, energy, and healthcare industries.

  • Has kickstarted and nurtured efforts that became award-winning products, industry-leading CX, and names of brands that are known around the world.

Shaping tomorrow through the voices of today

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