Creating an Insights Roadmap via Research Audit

The Call

A longtime client in the technology and retail space had big plans for the upcoming year to be a year of change, evolving their brick-and-mortar stores to meet a variety of specific customer needs. Catapult has led over a dozen research projects for this brand, producing a wealth of data and insights amid strategic course-adjustments since 2022. With more substantial updates in sight, this client asked Catapult to audit the existing body of work to help create a CX-focused insights roadmap for the coming year and inform the evolution of their existing CX survey.   

Our Response

Catapult’s auditing team met regularly and cross-reviewed 36 report documents with the goal of identifying everything already known about the customer experience and what was left to learn. Our team assembled a data file identifying CX-related insights, categorizing them across 7 known dimensions already being measured in the clients existing CX survey. Each insight was categorized, summarized, and sourced for easy reference after the audit document was completed.

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The Celebration

Our audit identified a dozen new CX dimensions not yet in the existing client survey as well as over 100 CX knowledge gaps, which we organized into 9 themes. Catapult then facilitated a workshop at the client’s office to review the audit findings and devise a research roadmap to prioritize and backfill CX knowledge gaps, creating customized research approaches that would cover multiple insight needs in the most efficient manner. We aided the client’s survey update and are pleased to be moving forward with several projects to support this client’s goals of driving a year of change.

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