Data-backed Claims Aren’t Just For Large Brands

The Call

A quickly emerging brand of women’s health products wanted to accelerate their brand growth and win new customers with a data-backed and legally defensible doctor recommended claim. They partnered with Catapult to design and execute a study to gather the data needed to determine if they could make the claim that their brand is doctor recommended in the women’s health category.   

Our Response

The #1 priority for our approach was to ensure we meticulously collected clean and accurate data that informed whether our client could confidently make a doctor recommended claim for their brand.

Catapult partnered with our nationally recognized claims substantiation and statistical expert to design a survey and sampling plan with this core goal in mind. Given the brand was relatively new and not as well-known as other competitors in the industry, we consulted with their legal counsel on our sampling approach and the impact it could have on the need for claim caveats. We ultimately landed on a plan that allowed us to collect the data in a way that was feasible and affordable, and provided solid data to support the claim with the need for only a small caveat message on pack.  With this plan in hand, we utilized a specialty healthcare panel to survey a representative group of qualified physicians.

New Product Development

The Celebration

Our analysis determined that the data supported a “doctor recommended brand” claim that our client could confidently place on their packaging and other marketing materials. With this information in hand, our client immediately updated their product packaging and website to take advantage of their proven position as a doctor recommended brand which they expect to positively impact sales and brand love. In order to help our client confidently maintain their claim over time, Catapult will partner with them to repeat the research program at a regular cadence to ensure they always have data on hand to support their claim in a challenge. 

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