Developing a Messaging Strategy for a New Product

The Call

Our client developed a revolutionary new product for at-home sanitization, bringing commercially viable technology to the residential space for the first time. Consumers had very low awareness and understanding of this technology and our client faced a steep message development challenge. Already an established, global name in home products, this client lacked an established position in the cleaning and sanitization space and called upon Catapult to chart a path forward to educate and connect with consumers while simultaneously expanding their brand footprint.   

Our Response

We devised an incredibly flexible approach to study consumers’ baseline understanding and associations when exposed to initial messages and a prototype of the product itself. We began with qualitative groups among our client’s consumer segments, exposing them to a series of descriptions, benefits, and educational materials. We varied the volume and sequence of the stimuli to identify which pathway fits natural learning needs and preferences.

Between focus groups we facilitated working sessions with the client team to revise and reorder the stimuli according to a growing body of knowledge amassed from the consumer discussions. We also held a post-field working session with the client to further develop and strategize what comes next, landing on an additional round of qualitative research to fine-tune elements of web assets and banner ads for an upcoming market test.

New Product Development

The Celebration

Insights from our work provided a springboard for our client to identify the optimal messaging themes and order of information. This maximized their ability to attract and hold consumer attention and ultimately convert into believability and interest in their product. We tailored our reports to provide direct inputs into the client’s internal market test viability and planning assessments while also telling a compelling story from the consumer perspectives. 

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