Using Employee Insights to Improve Operations & Satisfaction

The Call

A global QSR wanted to better understand how employees were experiencing various elements of their role and the technologies and systems they use. This information was critical in their goal of developing strategies, systems, and tools to help increase employee satisfaction, role and task efficiency, and their overall experiences while at work. They partnered with Catapult to conduct and analyze a bi-annual quantitative survey with employees across their organization.   

Our Response

Our QSR client already had a system in place to survey their employees, so Catapult fit into their existing process, providing support with sampling, weighting, and questionnaire design, and leading the data management, analysis, and reporting elements of the program. We were also lucky enough to have transactional store-level data available to be appended to the survey data to allow us to have an even more robust understanding of what was happening with employees and why.

Our analysis varies by wave but always explores a variety of key areas and dimensions of the employee experience. Annually, we also conduct several drivers analyses to help understand what elements/attributes are most important to focus on to increase overall employee perceptions and experiences.

Catapult Employee Research

The Celebration

Our data and analyses have highlighted key near-term and long-term areas of focus for our client to improve employee experiences, increase efficiency, and help to develop future store-level strategies. As a result of our research, they’ve already implemented operational changes that are impacting their employees’ day-to-day experiences and have a strategic plan in place to keep the improvement momentum going in the future. Catapult will continue to support our client as this research initiative continues to grow and evolve over time to meet the organization’s needs. 

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