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Shaping tomorrow through the voices of today


Successful brands know people are more than just a collection of data points – true insight comes from connecting the dots.


Innovation is more than having a winning
idea – it’s also how you get there.


An Outcomes-Focused Insights Consultancy

An Outcomes-Focused Insights Consultancy

We use research as a foundational tool to help brands grow, evolve and future-proof their business.

We create customized creative solutions to tackle our clients’ specific needs. Drawing from our extensive experience, we don’t try to fit every business problem into the same solution. We adapt our approach to fit the objectives at hand.

Future Oriented

Our suite of research methods and consulting approaches give our clients an understanding of people today – their needs, motivations and behaviors, and a view into the future.


Future Oriented

Who We Are

A small but mighty team with a network of highly experienced collaborators.



News and perspectives from Catapult Insights & Innovation

Beyond the Page – Qual’s Role in Segmentation

Beyond the Page – Qual’s Role in Segmentation

At Catapult we believe the most actionable segmentation work features a strong understanding of human experiences. Only through those experiences can we begin to empathize and forge real and meaningful connections.

Building Effective Project Teams

Building Effective Project Teams

Catapult brings the right people together to maximize our clients’ success. How we balance unbiased approaches with SME-level insight.

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