Swimming in Data

May 14, 2024Insights

What do coffee giants, durable goods companies, alcohol brands, tech titans, and QSRs have in common? No, this isn’t a dad-joke, it’s something I’ve noticed over the past 6 months. It turns out that many research organizations are reviewing past work through a revised lens to mine for new perspective. The idea of a research audit is not new, but the volume and frequency of these requests is worth talking about. 

Last year I wrote about an awesome experience I had supporting a client with incredibly quick-turn work. More recently, this Bias for Action-focused client found themselves swimming in insights from dozens of different projects and in need of assistance to organize and identify knowledge gaps on the topic of customer experience. While individual projects each had CX-related insights, the overall objectives were more tactical in nature. They had the data and insights, they just lived in multiple places. That’s why we brought the insights together to tell a more focused story.

But there’s a trend going around. Perhaps organizations are doing more with less, or perhaps they don’t want to let good insights go to waste. Or maybe change is afoot and there’s still value in exploring where you came from. In any case, I feel fortunate that Catapult is able to help our colleagues and clients roll with it.

Justin Sutton


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